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>>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >>> he he went hiking to see the country's most beautiful places but no one knows where he is this morning. we have the latest on a maryland hiker missing. >> more meningitis cases in maryland. >>> not all insurance covers it and not everyone has insurance and help women in maryland get mammograms for free. we will tell you what you can do to help. those stories are just ahead. it's monday morning, we have a phone bank next door in our studios studio b and we will tell you how to get involved leading up to komen race for the cure. >> time for a check of the forecast. things will be changing after a perfect sunday out there for many of us. lynette, you say something is in the works. >> exactly. something is brewing out there. we have something brewing in the tropics. about you before we talk about that let's talk about what's happening as we go through the morning. well, we will be nice and dry and we are dealing with mild temperatures for today. maryland's most powerful radar will get more active go
. use caution through the works .wns in maryland, there is heavy fog. reports of a crash on eastbound 32 at the b-w parkway, a car deer. back to you. >> thank you. presidential, the face off tonight for their first debate. is at the university of denver. both candidates trying to lower expectations. a lot riding on .his brandi has more. >> after weeks of attacks on the --paign trail >> we don't get very far when we have leaders it writing off half victims.n as >> they will face off tonight. they will meet on the stage. >> what happens could be only five weeks until election day. t debate will focus on policy.omy and domestic both candidates took a break intense debate prep tuesday. mitt romney grab a bite to eat denver while president obama dam.ed the hoover >> it is spectacular. >> will tell relied heavily on mates this week to campaign. >> how they can justify raising taxes on middle-class. >> it did not take long for paul that.o pounce on >> vice-president biden today the middle class over e last four years has been buried. we agree. we need to stop digging -- start by electing mitt r
here in front of us. because maryland's most powerful radar is nice and dry. and that's going to be the scenario as we head to the rest of today. it's going to be awesome. jessup's temperature 59 degrees and we do have dry air to talk about this morning. and even in reisterstown 58 dew point coming in at 53. and right now, look at the temperatures in annapolis. 63 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, this week's heavy rains have caused big problems in east baltimore. and there's a third sink hole on east monument street and here's the scene from yesterday. now east monument will remain shut down between wolf street and patterson park avenue. it's just a mess. it's not going to reopen any time soon. and until everything is fixed you want to use orleans street. 95 if you are useing that to get downtown, this is what it looks like at 395. traffic is moving right along no delays through the fort mchenry tunnel and harbor tunnel going to be in great shape. and traffic is picking up on the beltway right now.
is titled " america's role in the world." >> kerry cavanaugh has the latest from the debate over of maryland's second district congressional seat. >> here in baltimore county, a longtime democrat is fighting hard for his sixth term. state senator nancy jacobs, the republican, is trying to transition to the national office. the debate site -- the democrats are best town councilman and county executive before winning election to congress in 2002. he and his wife and to trooper and live here in cockeysville. there -- he and his wife and two children live here in cockeysville. he was elected to state senate back in 1998. jacobs lives in harford county with her husband and has three grown daughters. she is running on a platform of fiscal conservatism. she is a very conservative counterpoint. they will compete for both here at warren elementary school. they will be the only ones participating in the debate. the libertarian candidate is upset because he is not been included in tonight's debate. it kicks off tonight at 7:00. we will be here to cover all the back-and-forth and give you the highlights
into tuesday but it will continue to be much colder. in the 40's. even some snow in western maryland. i will talk more about in a few minutes. >> right now is the time to prepare for a storm like hurricane sandy, a residence in maryland are gathering everything they need. >> door is live in cells -- fells point. >> we are one of three locations in flooding area. another big threat with storms like these are power outages. for many people, the question tonight is where can i find a generator? >> wow. >> susan is like millions of us on the east coast this weekend. stocking up for sandy. >> plenty of canned food. tour licht paper. t paper. i did want to be prepared. there are a lot of unknowns. >> we are sold out of those right now. like this home depot in townsend -- towson about this its almostut of thought of generators. storm depot has activated its emergency shipment procedures and baltimore area stores should have more than the stock by early saturday morning. >> by 6:00 a.m., all the stores in our district to have the generators. the emergency shipments will keep flowing from around
a university of maryland student. the jurors returned a split verdict. >> those officers faced second- degree assault charges and misconduct charges. officer joe -- of its original baker was acquitted of all -- officer reginald baker was acquitted of all charges. however, officer harrison was found guilty of second-degree assault charges but was found not guilty of misconduct. they felt that officer harris in used to much force. mckenna was on the arm, but attorneys sayayhahaheasas wawaininhihiists around while illegally approaching a police line. they also claim the mckenna three punch. -- mckenna threw a punch. the split verdict means mix emotions for the city attorney progress we believe that the citizens of prince george's county have spoken loudly and clearly. although we appreciate and honor the protection that is provided to us, that protection must be reasonable and that protection must respect the dignity of every human being in this community. >> i am definitely glad that some justice has been done today. it has been a long two years for me and my family. but there is a broader crim
you are under a lot of dur ess. sally kidd, wbal-tv 11 news. >> here in maryland, voters will not only help choose the next president of the united states, but will be weighing in on seven statewide ballot questions. same sex marriage is one of those hot-button referendum issues. kai reed spent the day at one rally in support of the measure at the university of maryland college park. >> maryland will be the very first day in the nation to affirm everyone is equal rights. >> the rally drew a crowd of several dozen supporters. a handful of maryland legislators talked about the importance of getting registered to vote and the impact that young voters can make an election. young voters tipped in obama's favor in 2008. >> we registered over 2000 students of the past couple of weeks. polls show an overwhelming majority of students support marriage equality. first up is getting them registered and the second step is knowing -- making sure they know which way to vote on the issue. >> merit the quality is really about fairness. -- married the quality is really about fairness. >> share your thou
on the jobs front in maryland. the labor department reports the state added 9800 jobs in september. that dropped the unemployment rate to 6.9%. 4100 jobs were added in the professional and business services area. the state also saw gains in transportation, warehousing, utilities, education, and health care. maryland is one of 40 states that saw a drop in the unemployment rate last month. >> the fate of two officers accused of beating a university of maryland college park student lies in the hands of the jury. lowell melser joins us live from upper marlborough with more on the proceedings. >> closing arguments to much of the day. the jury got the case around 3:00 this afternoon. they have been deliberating for about three hours. the jury has made two requests. the most important being to see the videotape of the beating. reginald baker and james harrison are the two officers facing second-degree assault and misconduct charges. they're waiting on the verdict. the case narrowly avoided a mistral after it was revealed the judge was previously married to a p.g. county officer convicted
an agreement. a maryland man is one of two pikers missing in glacier national park -- two hiker's missing in glacier national park. they were reported missing after they did not show up on a return flight from montana. @ team is looking for them, but the weather is complicating issues. 18 inches of snow have fallen. hour nbc affiliate in washington, d.c. spoke with his mother, who says both are experienced hikers. >> alright, we have had a little rain out there in some areas. let's look at hd doppler. there are basically two areas of rain. stretching out to center bill. then another on the suburbs. if you're in baltimore city and it is not raining right now, it probably will be within the next half-hour or so. rain showers are likely. high temperatures, 60's and low 70's. we have some sunshine in the seven-day forecast. i will be back with that in just a minute. >> man, is it a good time to be a baltimore sports fan right now. the o's just ended their season and the ravens of the best record in the afc. even though they barely survived against the dallas cowboys. the touchdown by jacoby j
police officers charged with beating a university of maryland student. they maintain the officers were trying to control the rowdy crowd during a post-basketball celebration. they face second-degree assault and misconduct charges in the videotaped beating of student john mckenna. the police department is morning one of their officers killed in a three-car crash in clinton. officer kevin bowden was killed after his cruiser crashed into a utility pole. police say he was a six-year veteran of the force and leaves behind a 10-year-old son and a four-year old daughter. this is the second time in three months that an officer has been killed in a traffic accident. >> taking a look at the satellite radar. you can see the brighter spots, clouds from the bay eastward. that is helping to take up temperatures a little bit. we are striving for a few more 70's. what happens over the weekend? we'll talk about the insta- weather forecast coming up in just a minute. >> members of the maryland clergy community continue weighing in on marriage the quality. ministers of various faiths gathered to explain
was carrying bags when he got out of his car. >> heavy rain battered parts of central maryland throughout the day. this was the scene for the last few hours in cockeysville. the question now, will the wet roads play a role in the evening commute? >> unfortunately it looks like the rain is already causing problems out on the roads. traffic reports are already listed numerous delays out there right now. we can see it tracking along 95 from columbia and headed down towards d.c. it will impact the 295 baltimore-washington parkway. anyone there is going to see that heavy rain. we are expecting the showers to wind down. temperatures at start to cool down as the rain continues to move throughout the area. expect the commute to be a little bit rough, but we should dry out after 10:00 p.m. more details with the forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> it is hoped the new smart phone app will open up communication lines between students and the officers who patrol the area. >> every student has one of these, a cell phone. anne arundel county police hope that county students will use them and the new
linked to a nationwide deadly meningitis outbreak. >> up to 35 cases nationwide, two are here in maryland, and one person has died. sheldon dutes has the latest. >> state health officials are not saying where these two reported cases were diagnosed but they say that hundreds of people across the state might have been exposed. they are asking everyone to be vigilant. so far, two people from maryland have been affected by a deadly bomb will meningitis outbreak that has shown up in five other states. of the two reported cases here in maryland, one person has already died. health officials say steroid injections were given in every case so far. >> it is important to note that this meningitis is not considered to be transmissible person to person. >> an official from the fda says tests found contamination. the company has recalled nearly 17,000 vials and state health officials say some of those came to maryland. in harford county, it went to the surgery center in abingdon and a clinic in bellaire. >> all of them pulled the implicated lots of product and they are in the process of contacting th
information, your asked to call metro crimestoppers. kerry cavanaugh, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the maryland registration deadline to vote in next month's election is tomorrow night at 9:00. you can print out the form and mail it in, or go to the board of election headquarters in person, but now you can also register online. >> >> we have seen over the last month or so an increase in voter registration. as time goes on, we will be able to get a number of those that registered online compared to walking in spirit >> early voting begins october 27 and runs through november 1. >> each county has the least one location for early voting. there are five in baltimore city. if you choose to vote early, you can cast a ballot at any site within your jurisdiction. the two presidential candidates spent the day behind doris preparing for the high stakes second presidential debate. ohio senator rahm -- rob portman has played the president in the mock debates. political analyst share with a believe that voters need to see and hear in this crucial debate. >> the biggest thing is the increase in likability.
. >> thanks, mike. >>> she was elected to represent maryland voters, but tiffany austin has had that privilege revoked. today they recommended suspending the delegate without pay or benefits. she was found guilty in june by using $800 in state money for personal expenses. >>> religious leaders from all different faiths gathered for a common message to vote yes on four at the polls. ♪[ music ] >>> in song and prayer students and supporters of the dream act joined forces with some of the most prominent religious community leaders. members of the central maryland ecumenical county supported voters to support the dream act because they say it's fair and we'll all benefit in the end. >> a fair measure who allows men and women who have worked hard, who speak our language and called this land our home to be able to realize their full god-given potential. the maryland dream athisn't just a -- isn't just a matter of compassion and opportunity. it's also a wise the investment for our state. >> to learn more about the dream act as well as the candidates in the upcoming election, head to >
. >> reporter: the notices were hard to ignore, claiming you'v won more than $3 million and marylanders who got them just had to send back $20 to claim their fortune. >> what we tell people you shouldn't be making a payment to claim a prize. >> reporter: they went after the las vegas company that scammed more than 700 marylanders with this scheme. >> this was a victory for consumers. >> reporter: the company, which used the name prize next beurre rope sent out official looking paperwork claiming to be part of the state of maryland, an agency that doesn't exist. the ag's office won the case back in 2010 and fined the company $25,000 and got refund to everyone who sent in money for the bogus prize. the attorney general's office said this lottery scam isn't unique. you may get a phone call or email claiming you won. you have to pay a fee. you won't win a prize. you'll just lose your cash. joce sterman, abc2 news. >> thank you. october is breast cancer awareness month. we're teaming up to support the komen maryland race for the call. call 410-481-2222 or text pink to donate. think pink. >>> these l
of those cases are here in maryland...including one death. so far, 15-peoppe have died nationwide. cheek your a new mexico company called "sunland"... which produced jars of peanuu butter... is expanding its ecall.the roasted shelled and innshell --3 maryyand... he producc is sold at trader joe's.aa least 35 people have been siikeeed by salmonella... that's linked to he ompany's products. tooorrow night... preeideet obama anddgovernor itt romney face off in their second debate.president obama is under ppessure... after receiving poorrreviiws from the last debbte.this deeatee.. hassa differentt moddrated by c-n-n's candy crowley.but it's the undecided voters who willlbbeassing te 16 --:33 "the challenge is that they've got to connecc, not juss wiih the people that television and watchinggthem, but to he people that are on the stage with them -- some 80 or so uudeeided voters as chosen by gallup, so they have to keep those folks in mind. up lose adventure with voters.. voters."analystsssaa the forrat ccull be good orrthe president... who is able to draw energg fro
, the seasonal flu hits maryland early. the new strain makes flu shots even more important it is at the scary side of the year for moms and dads. -- and it is the scariest night of the year for moms and dads. >> top of a depression number 18. you are just starting to see some circulation here. first, here is an live look at ocean city. you can see the boardwalk and one person out on the beach right now. 64 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. alert,"day's "consumer halloween is one of this curious knights of the year for parents to chance of being hit by a car is higher on halloween than any other night of the year. if your child is wearing a dark- colored cost him, and reflective tape so that they can be seen. make sure it the custom is made of non-flammable materials. it is also important to avoid pointy toys. with halloween just days away, you may be getting your pets ready for trick-or-treating, or looking for a dog at sitter or a new brand of chow. new apps make pet owners' li ves easier. >> bruce is on a dog vacay. >> he is an entertaining personality. >> they are not his owners, they are dog s
is starting to saturate so it is getting ready for the rain. 46 in petersburg. western maryland, oakland, 37 degrees. a little bit warmer towards the baltimore metro area. a chill the game nonetheless. there is the chance for rain. we will break down what we come back. >> baltimore city police search for the m a suspect who shot a . an 18-year-old was riding in a van when someone opened fire. the victim's blood but it turned -- overturned another car. we're told the victim was hit in the arm and is in good condition. we now know the shooting last night is a homicide. shots were fired just before 10:00 on sunday in the 6200 block of fair lawn avenue. they found a woman on the scene with gunshot wounds to the hand that was pronounced dead on the scene. -- gunshot wounds to the head that was pronounced dead on the scene. three separate accidents on the northbound i-and by side. were working on a trailer. a vehicle that the truck, causing both to catch fire. an eight-year-old child was rushed to john hopkins was serious injuries. a female passenger died at the scene. a critical crossroads for bo
. david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i mean, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. >>> new tonight, a maryland man is believed to be missing in a glacier park in montana. they were reported missing by family members, they failed to catch a night on friday. this vehicle was located on friday night and 50 search crews a looking for them. there is 18 inches of snow on the ground. vrments >>> speck specter died in his home today, when he was a liberal republican who switched in 2009 after saying the republicans were becoming too conservative. >>> october is almost over and the election is 23 days away and president
prediction center has a slight risk but southern maryland. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. showers and storms off towards the west. our main concern as you step out the door do you need the coat? you don't need the coat. temperatures are mild. we are at 66 right now in columbia. and in glen burnie the temperature is at 65 degrees. and temperatures will get up into the low 70s for today. just like we did yesterday. and it will come at a price. that price is going to be the showers and storms possibly as we go into the afternoon. we look at the planner by 8, temperatures at 64. mostly cloudy and by lunchtime today that's the first round of showers working in here. 69 degrees and then by 3, showers and storms possible in the forecast. 71 degrees and as we go through the evening that's when we will get gradual clearing. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. you said it's quiet. >> reporter: quiet but traffic is starting to pick up on the beltway. particularly on the west side a 13 minute ride traveling the outer loop from 795 all the way down to 95. and
who were either falsely arrested or injured by police during a maryland-duke basketball game. $2 million will go to john mckenna. he was seen on video being beaten by police as he celebrated the win. the rest of the cash will go to the other nine plaintiffs. one of the others was acquitted of the assault on friday. the other, james harrison, was convicted of second degree assault. harrison faces up to ten years behind bars. >>> a man is in critical condition this morning after falling more than 20 feet from an escalator at met life stadium in new jersey. police say the 42-year-old was leaving the giants-redskins game when he fell over the side of an escalator. the man fell 21 feet and landed on a metal stage. police are not sure what caused him to fall. >>> the redskins could not make it two in a row yesterday. they took on the giants on the road. eli manning sealed the redskins' fate with a last-minute comeback. >> third down and two. manning looks to prove. and he will race to the end zone. >> ouch. manning sails a 77-yard pass right into the hands of victor cruz in the end zon
abc 2 time saver traffic report. >>> i'm chief meteorologist here live at the maryland zoo in baltimore. it's a treasure, a maryland treasure that it's easy to forget about when it's here in the backyard. we are near the elephant exhibit. as we zoom in, that's dolly or ana, one of the female elephants here in the mid-30s, and again, just an awesome scene out here. there are several big elephants at the exhibit, we will show you more as we go through the news. have you nited it's cooled down a little bit today? let's show you the temperatures, they have been falling off from the 60s now through the 50s. you can see most of the numbers closer to 50 now, even a few upper 40s at times showing up on the hd weather bug network across the state of maryland. temperatures will be falling much cooler tonight and getting back down in to the 30s, and there will be freeze and frost concerns in the northern and western suburbs, around the pennsylvania state line, northern baltimore county, carroll county, frederick and beyond. frost in the morning, the temperatures dropping tonight, but
is being blamed for two deaths in maryland. a tree fell into a house in pasadena. a man was pronounced dead at the scene. >> we have complete team coverage. let's get a look at what is in store for us from tony pann. >> good morning. things are settling down. you can see it on the radar. there is the circulation around hagerstown. the wind may still be gusting. but i think the big story will be the temperatures. 43 right now at the airport. the wind chills are in the 30's. rain is likely this morning. as we go through the day, the showers will start to dissipate. there could be a few snowflakes mixed in. that is the big thing for me today. it feels like a winter day. >> one area we have been tracking has been ocean city. >> ava marie braved the elements all day yesterday. a big difference today. >> what a difference. the wind is not as strong. we could get some gusts up to 60 miles per hour. there was a little bit of debris and damage in ocean city. this is a piece of roofing. notices a large piece of roofing. that was the bigger concern yesterday. nobody was injured with that. you'll still
in the maryland senate race. is to do for public affairs and civic engagement -- the [unintelligible] for public affairs and civic engagement. they have all agreed to participate. the will all take part. >> for someone who is no stranger to presidential debates senses -- spent his evening in baltimore. president bill clinton spoke to a black audience -- a packed audience. >> the former president spoke to a sold-out crowd of more than two dozen people here at the meyerhof. topic touched on everything from global to domestic issues. no news crews were allowed inside the meyerhof for the event but our cameras were rolling as bill clinton entered the building from a loading dock entrance. the former u.s. president was in town for the baltimore speaker's serious, which features leaders in the arts, sciences and politics. >> i thought his speech was excellent. it was very conversational. kind of like a fireside chat. he was giving us his thoughts on life after the presidency. >> he is an energetic guy you can tell there was some minor claps here and there. >> everybody enjoyed a lot of it. i would say
, well it's on the road today. >> on the road, yeah. wyatt everhart is live at the maryland zoo, it's crazy down there. >> reporter: well, yeah, we have quite the scene at the maryland zoo, it's a baltimore treasure, a maryland treasure, first thing is first. it's getting cool with the windchill factor, i bought a hat. mom said make sure you get a nice hat on there. right there, let's keep it going. it's a gorgeous setting here at the maryland zoo. this is going to be big weekend with all the running festival runners coming through one of the courses through the zoo area. then over the next several weeks, several big events, including the octo bear fest, a lot like brew at the zoo, the first time they are doing it in fall. feels like fall out now. before we come back, i want to show you the temperature map, the temperatures are falling, it is down in to the 50s after a day in the 60s, air temperatures falling. winds knot , the windchill is in the 40s, even though you see 50s, feeling like the 40s tonight, feeling like true fall weather. back here at the zoo, talking about fall, one
caskey has a look at the forecast. >> clouds over the metro area of southern maryland east 95. was bright sunshine west of 95. variable clouds for the rest of the day. the skies overat washington. but off to our west, virginia, maryland, you have sunshine. now at reagan national, 57 point of 49,a dew low humidity. the average high is 71. be lucky to reach 60. 52 in winchester, 55 the dulles record, 52 in winchester, 48 in in oakland.ty the variable clouds today and of 95ne mainly west today. in kansas city, 50 in minneapolis, 51 in billings, 57 boston and 57 in raleigh. we will talk about the nationals 3, coming up. a community still trying to the death of with woodson high school senior bryan glenn. volunteers discover the 17-year-old's body just off popular trail in thaiss park a week after he went missing. search crews gathered yesterday g to canvas the park. a team of adults found the body. is family confirms it is him. spoke with said their family.o out to the >> he is so young and i still cannot believe it. sad.very >> fairfax county police say had looked in the found butwhere he wa
in afghanistan. that's next when the news continues. david smallwood: maryland money needs to stay in maryland. it's just that simple, i i mea, it's a no brainer. anncr: every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty... million at casinos in west virginia, delaware... and pennsylvania. one west virginia paper calls it a "cash cow" for them. but its cost maryland over one billion dollars. money that could have created good jobs and... better schools for us. question seven keeps maryland money in maryland. david smallwood: question seven, i think it will be a... good thing for the state of maryland. >>> friends and family members and loved ones reunited as 70 members of the d.c. national guard returned home to the u.s. they were deployed in afghanistan the past 10 months. fox 5's lauren demarco was there for the welcoming party. >> with technology like skype you have the family members today saying they've been able to keep in fairly regular contact with their loved ones overseas, but nothing compares to seeing them in person safe and sound on american soil. >> i'm excited. >> reporter: mi
into maryland sometime on monday. it looks like a powerful storm. it looks like a very strong reality that we will be dealing with some of the impact from sandy later in the weekend and going into monday and tuesday of next week. >> you can stay in touch with the storm updates and see infrared satellite images and live updates on and our mall app. >> lee malvo, the teenager who terrorized the maryland and d.c. area says he was also abused by john mohammed. jayne miller has more on what he had to say. >> he spoke to us from the prison in virginia where he is serving a life sentence. the two snipers killed and wounded people at random in 2002. 17 at the time of his arrest, now an adult, lee malvo described pulling the trigger 10 years ago, hidden in the back of the snipers' car with a high- powered rifle in hand. >> when i pull the trigger for the first time, this may sound surreal, but it is simply what happened. >> he described his devotion to john lonegan now claims he abused him. -- describes his devotion to john mohammed. >> i was sexually abused by a babysitter, and then later
that women feel stronger than men. the baltimore suburbs followed by the eastern shore and southern maryland, their alliance -- they are more strongly in favor of it. >> they will stack displays up like this. it will not have to hire anybody. >> smaller businesses are opposed. >> we will lose our jobs. the smaller stores will go out of business, the cannot compete. >> locally owned liquor stores are already feeling pinched. >> we are being pecked to death. it is the bottle tax. the liquor tax. 9%. now they want to do this. when is it going to stop? >> supporters disagree. a decade ago, d.c. change its practice. small retailers who sold beer and wine currently maintain their licenses. another poll by the center for alcohol policy fined 70% of those surveyed said state regulations are needed because out called is different from other consumer goods. 79% said alcohol is not just like a toilet paper or tinfoil. small-business owners are concerned that national chains will take over. >> that money, follow the money. big business. >> the mayland -- the maryland retailers association declined to co
of same-sex marriage at college park and alongside of them several maryland lawmakers. >> the rally was organized by members of the student government organization and planned in conjunction with national coming out day to give students registered and committed to voting yes on question 6. maryland legislators and the students spoke to the crowd about the impact young voters can make in this election. they hope they will be as energized to vote as they were in 2008. the latest polling shows more voters in favor of same-sex marriage, but they know that they must not take anything for granted. >> the first step is to get them registered. the second is to let them know how to vote on the issue. we know the vast majority will be voting for equality. >> these are things we are excited about. question 6. >> the voter registration deadline is october 16. early voting starts october 27. reporting live in college park, wbal-tv 11 news. >> five people died in a devastating fire in northeast baltimore. four of the victims are aged one, 2, 4, and 7. >> according to the source, investigators are
maryland counties unable to vote on question 6, the civil marriage protection act. ballots were missing a second page and they are working to resolve the problem. in the meantime, anyone is in a second page should call that number on your screen. early voting gets underway in maryland. registered voters could began casting their ballot saturday, october 27 through thursday, november 1. you can find the early voting centers in your precinct and you can do so using our new smart phone app, check out voter guides and check out the referendum questions before you had to the polls. also, the latest in that the race to the white house. >> after four years on the job of the president of coppin state university is stepping down. that after receiving a vote of no-confidence from the faculty and staff, citing high turnover and poor budget management. he says the departure will allow for continued growth within the university. >> one maryland group is convinced a tax hike will benefit state in more ways than one. >> targeting young smokers, next in a live report. >> today, he is honored for the ef
. and now we all know that the same-sex marriage will be on the ballot this november in maryland. and scott broom will have more on that side of the story. >> reporter: maryland voters will get to decide the same-sex marriage question here on the question 6 ballot. new polling from the washington post shows marylanders in favor of the same-sex marriage by a margin of52-43. the heaviest opposition remains in churches. and among african americans. >> it is a matter of fairness and a matter of equality. >> reporter: today, supporters of gay marriage put the focus on religion by rolling out religious leaders of all kinds. >> we see this about justice and equality. and really this is about fairness. >> reporter: whos gay marriage and question 6. >> and it is important to remember that the civil marriage protection act, strongly preserves the religious freedom. >> there is nothing in the civil marriage protection act that will force any individual clergy person to perform the same-sex marriage if it is against their practices. >> but the majority of the religious leaders here in the state and the
's gail force winds extending from the center. this is a historic storm potential for maryland, a long duration event. monday through wednesday, eastern bay flood risk is high. high winds, heavy rains, you got to keep it locked on channel 2. we will break down a track scenario, what to expect from each coming up in a little bit. >>> thank you very much. that is good, the two wild cards, precise place for the storm comes ashore, make preparations now and saturday sp sunday, looking okay w the storm arriving later than first thought, we are talking about a monday morning arrival, lingering in to tuesday, and wednesday. let's head to the news desk. >>> emergency managers throughout the state have planned for the worst with hurricane sandy coming our way. >> they are also relying upon you to protect yourself. jeff hager is standing by live in carny with more on what they are recommending. jeff? >> reporter: if you have been running out today or in previous days to stores like the home depot, getting essentials, flosh lights and battery -- flashlights and batteries. you have been doing what
, maryland is fighting for cure. >> it is a week after my graduation thank goodness. i'm happy i was able to graduate with my girlfriends and finish college. i was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer at 21. it had metastasized to my liver. >>> graduating with a degree in international business, she planned of living and working abroad. >> i was still young i was more upset about living at home with my parents. then i was about having cancer. >> after six months of chemotherapy the seriousness of her condition set in. >> i felt i had now fighting chance because my diagnosis was only. i want to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else. >> instead of finger she's an advocate. raising awareness for breast cancer and the continuing need for research and fundraising. on this day we caught up with bridget at the country school. >> i can accomplish as much as i had while living with cancer, each of you are capable of setting the world on fire. >> for this year's komen maryland race, her school of the team of 90 students running in her honor. >> i don't think i will ever have children. it's
question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can promise you, that money will go to education. that's the law and that's what we'll do. vote for question seven. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. this is breaking news. >> following breaking news from montgomery county. a student at northwood high school hospitalized after being a fight inside school. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening. exactlyon't know what was used as a weapon and they cannot identify the suspect. continue to follow the latest. opening statements begin today for two police officers accused beating the university of maryland student. the two prince george's werey police officers beating johne mckenna. penelope john gonzalez. it is the video shot from a dormitory room that will be crucial. minutes after the jury, made up men and seven women, courtroom, prosecutors played the video over and over again during opening arguments. the two prince george
to win. that's all that matters. maryland's most powerful doppler radar, it's a different picture against three or four hours ago. right now clear conditions. the temperatures have dropped. take a look at the city temperature, 44 degrees. on the eastern shore around 51 degrees. out to the north and west, frederick at 44 degrees. a few 30s could be popping on boards. you notice out in the mountains starting to fall down. we've noted fog starting to develop. still good visible but some of the visibilities have come down. patchy fog through the course o. overnight. crisp wakeup. nice looking day, but the clouds build in and it's another day where we're into the 50s, we'll talk more about your 7-day forecast coming up in just a bit. >>> baltimore city police are on the scene of a shooting on the north side, a woman was shot around 10:00 tonight in the 6300 block of fair lawn avenue. that's all police have to tell us tonight. we're going to bring you much more as we continue to get it in and also on webb. >>> anne arundel county authorities have identied a man who died after a fight in brookly
advisory on the day. by daybreak, 40's in western maryland. the initial chill texas into the 40's. during the day, we will only be in the mid-50s according to the computer models. as we go deeper into the forecast, monday morning, 30's west of the chesapeake bay, chilly conditions, probably frost conditions to the west. the forecast tomorrow, 50-54 the high. the disturbance passes to the south, but it will be strong enough to push moisture up from the south and give us cloudy and won again/off-again reconditions tomorrow. north, northwest wind at 5-10. not the best of days. the insta-weather future-cast, the moisture coming up from the south during the day tomorrow, right about game time, tomorrow afternoon, evening. then things clear out. for the game tomorrow evening, looks like it will be chilly, temperatures in the 40's, the rain finally ending tomorrow night. monday, perhaps a sprinkel, 50 the high, the morning low 39. the morning low tuesday, 37. >> we may be wearing jackets, but we are ready for the yankees. >> this team has defied the odds. who says they cannot do it again? hear w
on friday, but the exact is not reveal. if you have not registered to vote, you are out of luck. in maryland, you have to register tomorrow. ofa trial over alleged abuse powers. shows prince george's county officers john mckenna. after marylande duke in a basketball came. game.aking -- basketball breaking news about the in montana. that were missing for days and montana's glacier national park. that nealnd says and jason hiser have been found and are safe. family members notified authorities after they failed to show up at the airport. we are told that the men walked out of the woods on their own. we will have more at 11:00. a new chapter in the over anrsy metroisement in several stations. o groups are putting as of their own, and that is anti-islam had. the new ads are coming from shoulderder to campaign, which is basically a coalition of religious leaders based here in washington. three new ads at 3 mattress including the one at willie park. -- metro stations, including the park.ght here at whitley it says "hate speech is not civilized. support peace in word and deed." you are going to get
. >> not as warm as today for komen sunday but not frigid by october standards. first maryland's most powerful radar. we're tracking showers with a few lightning strikes, six in the last 20 minutes. there's a thunder shower moving toward reisterstown and 795. the leading edge of this shower complex does have a little bit of embed thunder and lightning. we'll keep an eye on that. it's all being fueled. it's one last band being fueled by this broad circulation. this swirl in the atmosphere will help push cooler air in for the weekend. so temperatures will be dropping but for this evening low 70s to upper 60s. we'll talk about how things will change by komen race day morning in minutes. >> all right. thank you. the case is cold but tonight a family is offering 10,000 reasons for someone to help identify their son's killer. >> as jeff hager tells us tonight, detectives rereleased surveillance photos to help jog your memory. >> police are hoping to turn back the clock where these surveillance photos show three men may have gotten away with murder. they followed 21-year-old n ico gayles and forced t
of maryland university in north baltimore studentt that might surpriss you given what's just happened. pith about thhs are shhwing - amazing alm, and confidence in the secuuity here... even after one of their classmates says she wasssexually assaulted by a man threatening her with a knife. police monday morning around 3am on thii pathway near the library sharrd with looooa universitt. investigators say tte female student she was on her way back to her dorm on notre dame's campus, when a man grabbed her, threatened her with a knife, . tten sexually assaulted herr after recovering, he woman deeided to cooe forward and report the aaleged attack, and that's when the school informed students ad staff via e-mail. this is one of the few quiie campus of 3000 students, mmstly women...haaf of whom live n campus. nd the blue light security system where with one touch, ecurity is notified of problems... is some initial shock. most r - students say ttey are nnt candice 4745 a ittle pkepttc at the moment, but then i didnnt want o think not much happens like that here eve
. is going to take a little to get back into the workweek. fog this morning across western of maryland and northern virginia. just some areas of dense fog where it could be under a quarter mile visibility. seeing that in fairfax as well. yourself extra time. jacket this morning in the district at 54 degrees. 50 at bwi, 48 in manassas, 45 in cumberland. we will get to the low 70's today with clouds increasing the showers late, but dry.of the day will be we are optimistic. head over to traffic with angela. no early issues to contend terms of accidents. we are dealing with reduced visibility on the roads. but we are getting the traffic cones out of the way. overnight construction listed 3995 in virginia as well as beltway, will be quite well from the springfield interchange, the inner loop pretty good to on gallows road area, also reported loop, no trouble crossing the woodrow wilson bridge. trek in maryland's around the capital beltway, even andretty good around the northwest branch region. overnight construction is gone. there's a traffic pattern with ongoing work, but not causin
in maryland....gun deat are becominn more common than pcccrdiig to new datt... by theeviolence oliiyycenter..t finds that in 2010.. gun deaths in maryland, dc aad virginia outpaaed motor vehicle deathss.. by about 12-hundred to 15-hundded. in maryland aaooe... there were 5-hundree-38 firearm wwre homiiides. that same yeaa... there were 5- pundred--4 motor vehicle deaths. &pdeaths.nationally... fatal ca crashes still outnumbee gun deaths by a differenne of a 9th case of meningitii is conffrmee innmarylandd mmryland.nntioowide, the number of people sickened by a now reached 135... including dozen deaths... onn here in ooficcals say have been exposed to fungal &pmeningitis through tainted steeoid injjctions.the medicatioo, used to treat baak pn 23 states. ical faciliiies - todaaythe national zoo will hold a news onference... too revval what killed a 6-day-old sincc zzo workers didn't know that the cub had liier eeals -3- pbbormalittes and fluid innits two construction orkers are dead, ne is critically iinured aad another is stilll mmssinn ... aftee aa parking happpnee
're starting off with temperatures down in the upper 30s much of maryland and much of virginia. mercyfully, we don't have a lot of wind. you don't need your wind breaker over the puffy coat. right now mid-30s in the sm shenandoah valley. near freezing many locations in western maryland and highlands of west virginia where there's quite a bit of frost. so watch out for that. locally, upper 30s in montgomery county as well as prince george's and much of fairfax and the rest of northern virginia. arlington in the low 40s. much of southern maryland, only 40 degrees. a few high clouds drifting over us. going to set the stage for a beautiful sunrise. sunrise is getting later and later. not until 7:20. by 8:00 a.m., we'll still be cold. only around 40 degrees. quickly warming to 60 around noon. ought to hit mid and upper 60s. partly cloudy through the afternoon. light winds. by 6:00 p.m., back down to the low 60s. sunset 6:26. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. now with first 4 traffic, here's danella. good morning. >> good morning. >>> still checking on the delays if you're traveling
of the wrath, sandy is still claiming lives here in maryland. a man has been killed by a falling tree in annapolis. this have been around 1:00 this afternoon. we are told the man was doing work for a contracting company when it fell on him. police say they are unknown -- they are investigating. in maryland still more than 34,000 customers without power. their greatest concentrations are in baltimore, harvard, and undal counties. >> the biggest problem up here is a downed trees. a lot of them fell on power lines. you have a lot of people appear without power during the storm. >> the crushing and impacts, it is hard to describe appear yen for several to be going down and striking houses as they went down, i never want to hear another sound like that again. >> lee edwards was talking about the tree that fell on his neighbor's house sunday night. this morning she saw the damage for the first time. >> i was shocked when i saw it. i know you can rebuild and material things are not important, but i am grateful i was not in the house of the time. -- at the time. all over hartford county there
in northern maryland. 59 now in martinsburg, west virginia. still 70 in st. mary's county. most rain drop, gone. the only rain drops left out towards rehoboth. you may want to find the wind breaker. temperatures easily down into the mid and upper 50s by 11:00. a bund'sup factor. staying in the upper hos, low 50s for high temperatures tomorrow, jim. 2459s a 25, 30 degree drop from this afternoon. we'll talk more about that and how long the chill will last coming up. >> yikes. all right, thanks, chuck. >>> now with a news 4 exclusive. a germantown boy and his new puppy recovering from a pit ball attack. witnesses say 10-year-old max actually saved his 8 week old lab pup fri two pit bulls. a woman with a baby was walking the two dogs when they broke free and attacked the lab. max tried to pull his dog away and neighbors rushed to help with a hose and a broom. max escaped with bite mark on his arms you see, and scratching on his stomach. his mother and a neighbor described what they saw. >> my son started running -- i guess he wanted to, you know, go inside the house. he couldn't do it. they
of maryland, among them new regulations for car seats. children under the age of 18 need a seat until they are 4-9. and other requires all drivers to stop when approaching an intersection or a crosswalk where the traffic signal isn't working like in power outages. violators face a $90 fine and two points on your record. and beginning today month ped and scooter riders have to have a helmet, license and insurance. >> referendums to consider, and alley was on wtop radio and explains how much money is required by law to go to education. >> 48.5% of the slot machine proceeds and 15% of the table games revenues go directly into the education trust fund. that trust fund, even though our gaming regimen has only relatively recently started in maryland, over the last few years, i believe it has already jen yate rated in the -- generated in the neighborhood of $100 million for maryland schools. >> the governor said education funding in maryland has more than doubled from $3.9 billion in 2006 to $7.3 billion in next year's budget. >>> the news edge back in d.c. and a familiar scene today as "occ
a letter in january. those stories and more coming up on friday october 12th. good morning, maryland. megan is off today. but we'll start with a check of the forecast. >> we have a lot going on, it is cold outside. and this trend will continue through the weekend. we will see plenty of sunshine and it is fall like and we can see 43 and shady side only coming in. and the winds out of the southwest very light and this will change and wind speed as we go through time and it will move through and behind it the winds will pick up. we'll start to see the clouds filtering in. and maryland's most powerful radar is dry. we should not see any precipitation we should stay dry. the planner today we start you off. it will be chilly and we all feel as we go into lunchtime. breezy and cool coming in at 58 degrees. this afternoon and going with the 64 degrees. that is below average. we should be around 67, 68. we will be dealing with some cloud mix and temperatures that are going to drop off as we head into tomorrow. that's coming up but now let's check of the time saver traffic with lauren cook. >> and a
in america this . >>> you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> two friends go hiking and never show up for the flight home. how an early montana winter is make it nearly impossible to find them. >> imagine having to bury five loved ones on the seam day. that's what the worrell family is preparing to do after a fire ripped through their home. find out how you can help. >> same sex marriage is a major issue come november and today it's getting a major endorsement. the national organization one national organization has to say about question 6 later today on this monday october 15th, good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. hope you had a great weekend and got outside yesterday and enjoyed the weather. >> the weather was perfect. how long will this hang around lynette. >> it's over today. >> oh, well. >> we have the break today. we are dealing with mild warmer temperatures this morning and afternoon. but the clouds will be out there this morning and the possibility of showers and thunderstorms some of those could be on t
in a courtroom of prince george ice county with two police officers accused of solving the university of maryland's student taking the stand for their own defense. >> reporter: with the second of two police officers accused of assaulting the maryland student testifying today in his own defense. responding to questions asked by his attorney. the officer said that he was initially concerned by john mckenna's bizarre behavior. at the university of maryland -- the university of maryland student walked down the street waving his arm. during the rocket's celebration of maryland's victory over duke on march 3, 20 so. officer harrisson said that he began hitting him with his baton after seeing him punch baker in the head with a clinched fist, containing what officer harrison claimed he thought could have been a weapon. >>> out on the campaign trail today, the former president bill clinton is teaming up with bruce springstein. obama will be back in fairfax tomorrow morning holding a rally. mitt romney spent most of his day preparing for monday's third and final debate. both men, they will be at a charity
of maryland student during a rowdy celebration, after maryland beat duke in a basketball game. lowell melser was in the courtroom and has the latest for us, live from upper marlboro. >> the trial continued today with the second accused officer taking the stand. perhaps the most interesting if permission revealed today came from the judge presiding over the case. according to sources, a reporter asked a question about previous relationship she had. the source says that judge beverly woodard told of the attorneys involved behind closed doors that not only was she previously married to prince george's county police officer, but that that officer had been convicted of using excessive force. it prompted a three-hour delay in the case and ultimately ended with the jury being sent home early. reginald baker and james harrison are accused of beating university of maryland student john mckenna during a riot situation after maryland beat duquesne basketball back on march 3, 2010. -- after maryland beat duke in basketball. both men claim that mckenna had startled amounted officers course and was the ag
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